Why the name “More Than Cake”?

At the time of the French revolution, King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette were living large while the people starved. The price of a bread loaf, the staple of the French diet, cost as much as a year’s wage and neither the King or queen cared one bit. Marie never uttered the now infamous words, “Let them eat cake,” but that phrase describes well her attitude of ambivalence toward the hungry masses.

Many folks in the world today are starving for the nourishment that can only come from sound reasoning. Yet too many “leaders” demonstrate the same queenly arrogance in thinking that sound thinking is too much for our little peasant tummies to handle. So instead of offering the nourishing bread of truth, they offer the sweet tasting crumbs of leftover cake.

This blog offers you “more than cake” with a consistent challenge to the status quo that so many people are longing to hear.

So I invite you all to come, sit, think with me, and be nourished by the Bread of Life.



Dr. Miller is currently Dean of Online Learning & Instructional Technology and Professor of Applied Theology & Leadership at Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA. In addition to his work at SCS, he is planting Reunion Church. Dr. Miller has a diverse educational background and 20+ years of pastoral experience. He has authored multiple books on church leadership, history, biblical theology, and most recently a book on shared leadership through eldership teams titled, Elders Lead a Healthy Family. You can find more on his Amazon.com Author’s Page.

Joe and his wife Suzanne have been married since 1996 and enjoy the sun and surf in San Diego with their three amazing sons.

You Might Like To Know

me_toon_blueI consider myself a bit of a Renaissance man; a “Jack Of All Trades” and master of only a few 🙂  Who I am is reflected on this site because I do all the work myself.  I don’t have a team of designers or programmers helping me with my artwork, videos, or writing.  Everything here is an expression of the creativity, innovation, and talents God has given me and I am thankful I get to share a bit of my life with you.  You can find out more on my LinkedIn profile.

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Ethics

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, starting fall 2018

D.Min. Doctor of Ministry

Biola University, 2011
Dissertation: “Building Second Generation Leadership for Church Planting”

M.A.S.R. Masters of Arts in Science and Religion

Southern California Seminar, spring, 2018
Thesis: “The Scientific Compatibility and Uniqueness of Hebrew Cosmology Distinct from Ancient Near Eastern Literature”

M.Div. Masters of Divinity

Oral Roberts University, 1997
Thesis: “Systematic Theology”

B.A.E. Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

Pennsylvania State University, 1993
5th Year, Masters Eq.Thesis: “Planning for Effective Church Building Construction.”
Award: Winner of P.A.C.E. outstanding thesis.
Senior Thesis: “An Analysis of the Nittany Valley Medical Center Project Development.”

Why I Write

There are times in every Christian’s life when things just seem to make sense and there is a certain celerity of mind and spirit. More Than Cake is a collections of those thoughts and ideas which have taken on importance in my life and reflect the way in which I view certain subjects. I place them here for the world to read in hopes that they may be of some benefit to you in your daily life. For pastors or teacher, they may inspire a sermon or lesson, for others my hope is that you will find some help in resolving some personal dilemma or nagging question.

Most everything I write has arisen out of some personal crisis or confrontation. As such they are thoughts and ideas which have had meaning or impact in my own spiritual life. I ask your indulgence as I am also a Christian in progress and there may be things which I write that for some reason or another may wrongly offend. My ultimate goal is to convey the truth of God’s plan for our lives in a meaningful and compassionate way. If I have failed, please notify me via e-mail so that I can hone the crafting of my articles so that I may give no man any cause for offense.

Read on with God’s grace and I pray that He may bring His blessings into your life through my simple words.

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