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If your passion is to study the Word and preach the Gospel, but you feel overwhelmed with the daily rigor of ministry, I want to show you a proven method to fulfill your calling without having to sacrifice the quality of your content.

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I travel throughout Southern California to help train people on how to use Logos Bible Software.I have trained at places like Saddleback Church, Asuza Pacific University, Bethel Seminary and Westminister Seminary. Look for my upcoming events, or book your own.

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Free Video Training

I use these videos to train anyone who wants to get more from their study of Scripture. For pastors, these videos add to your sermon toolbox the ability to create custom layouts in Logos Bible Software to streamline your daily preparation.

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Sermon Planning Template

You can also use the button below to access the content of my Sermon Planner Template featured in the videos.

Sermon Template

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