I just got home from a wild bike riding adventure.

For months now, my oldest son Zachary has been wanting to take a bike ride on the Orting Trail with ’just” me. It is Winter, and I keep telling him it is “too cold” and when it gets warmer we can go. Zachary jokingly tells me I am a “weak” mommy because I don’t want to be in the cold. He says, “it doesn’t matter if you are a Californian!!!!” Too funny.

This past weekend I committed to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of my boys; and because Zachary had a half day at school, today was the day we committed to ride bikes together. When I picked him up from school, it was raining and he sadly asked me if we were still going on our bike ride. I had already decided that I was going no matter the weather. So, I told him, “yes we are going.” His face lit up and he was SO happy.

We get home, I nurse the baby, we put on lots of warm clothes and off we go.

Five minutes into our bike ride, it starts SNOWING!!! I am thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this. What on earth am I doing? Why in the world is it snowing in March?” I am freezing, I can’t feel my fingers, nose or ears.

I ask him, “are you sure you want to keep riding to the trail?” and with a huge smile, he says, “Yes mommy!!!!”

So I tell him, “you better remember this for the rest of your life!!!!” Then he says, (actually yelling it to me from behind) “YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

It was so unbelievably sweet and it kept me going.

We get to the trail, and it stops snowing. We are both soaked and freezing. We pass the cows and they are huddled up with each other trying to stay warm. It was so funny. Then we get to the river and Zachary finally says to me, “do you want to ride back home now?” I quickly answer, “Yeah, I think that would be great!!!

Half way home Zachary decides he cannot ride any more and makes me call his dad to come and pick him up. By the time my husband arrives we are just a half mile from home, but there is no room for both our bikes. Joey tries to convince Zachary to finish the cold ride with his mommy, but he finally gives in to Zachary’s tears. I finish the freezing ride alone while my son rides home in the warm car.

When I get home, we enjoy some hot chocolate together and he says, “Thank you mommy for going on a bike ride with me today, I know it was very cold. I won’t ever call you a weak mommy again!”

All I could do was smile… I still am!!


Suzanne has been married to Joe (J.R.) since 1996. She is the mother of three spectacular boys. Suzanne is actively involved in her church by mentoring young women and moms.


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