My sweet husband brought me home a paper from USA Today and the top article was called, The ‘Momnesia’ Effect. He has joked me for years that with each baby comes a loss of brain cells. Well, this article confirmed it; Momnesia—“the mental fuzziness and memory lapses that set in shortly after childbirth”—is real!

The article goes on to describe that, as mothers, some parts of our brain are forced to be hyper vigilant 24 hours a day and so other parts of our brain suffer. One mom shares her experience this way…

I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of being a little ditzy. From putting the milk away in the pantry to leaving my keys in the door, I know I am more than a little guilty. However, I learned this morning that it’s not my fault. The blame lies with my children. Just one more reason to say, “You did this to me!”

As if it weren’t enough my thighs and waist grew exponentially after the second child, never to go back to their pre-baby size again. As if it weren’t enough that my disposable income was replaced with disposable diapers. [Where is] the way-hip person I was before the kids turned into ’tweens? Yeah, she’s long gone only to be replaced by “projections” of what the kiddos need in a mother.

I don’t know about you, but the USA Today article, along with the experience of other moms, brings me so much excitement and validation. I must admit, my Momnesia seems to get worse with each child. I call my children the wrong names constantly. I use wrong words for everyday objects. For example- calling the infant seat a highchair, calling a fork a spoon, calling the stairs a ladder… the list goes on. “Nathan, put on your socks before you get in the tub!” Sometimes I don’t even catch it until my boys point these things out to me.

Last week when my husband was out of town, I was so proud that I remembered to put out the trash on time!! As the day went on, I could not figure out why the trash man had not come. I finally realized it was the wrong day. Before babies, I never did stuff like this. I often get concerned with my brain, or the lack thereof, but the newspaper article let me know that I AM NOT ALONE! We give (and give up) so much of ourselves in an effort to raise decent and well-adjusted human beings. It should come as no surprise that brain lapse is just one more part in the equation.

My 3rd baby is now 9 months old and I still have not snapped out of my Momnesia. I was a little worried, but then I read how, “Breast-feeding can prolong the mental haze.” Yeah! I was so thankful to read this!!!! The positive thing the article pointed out is that “once your mommy brain gets readjusted, you get more efficient, and you become smarter and learn things faster, but it won’t happen all at once.” I eagerly wait for this day! Motherhood is such a wonderful thing-this is why I love Mops so much. We can learn from each other, and lean on one another as we strive to become better moms and wives.

There is one more thing that I would like to add. Just as our brains are affected after childbirth so are our souls impacted if we don’t have Christ in our life. I don’t know where you stand with Jesus, but I know that without my relationship with God, life would be much more challenging and I would have less joy and peace. If this kind of inner-peace is something you are searching for, please talk to someone who knows Jesus.

Suzanne has been married to Joe (J.R.) since 1996. She is the mother of three spectacular boys. Suzanne is actively involved in her church by mentoring young women and moms.


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