Creating Collections in Logos Bible Software is a powerful way to manage your library and refine your searches for key words and phrases.  The Logos website has some simple instructions on how to do this HERE and the user-created wiki-page has some more detailed instructions along with graphical illustrations HERE.

When I am training, I usually have several people ask about the rules I used to create the collections in my videos, so at long last I decided to post them here for your use.

In each box below I have shown you 3 specific items:

  1. MyTags” I added to selected books to ensure they are included in a collection.
  2. Collection” is the title I used.
  3. Criteria” is the actual rule I created to make the collection.
  4. Minus Collection” Some of my collections are used to help refine other collections and reduce duplication of search results.

Please feel free to leave suggestions for improvement in the comments section.

Collection Rules

MyTag: Apologetics

Collection: Apologetics Resources

Criteria: title:(apologetics, mormon, reincarnation, defending, horoscope, “jehovah’s witness”) OR subject:apologetics OR eugenics OR “social problems” OR author:chesterton OR mytag:Apologetics

MyTag: archeolog

Collection: Archeology

Criteria: title:(archaeolog, archeolog, excavation) OR subject:(archaeolog, archeolog, excavation, pottery) OR mytag:(archaeolog, archeolog)

MyTag: Bible Studies

Collection: Bible Studies

Criteria: mytag:”bible studies” OR subject:(“Bible Study”, “Study Guides”)

MyTag: Biography000

Collection: Biography (Bible)

Criteria: (subject:(autobiography, biography) OR mytag:Biography000) ANDNOT subject:(paul, bible, jesus, apostles)

MyTag: Counseling

Collection: Counseling

Criteria: mytag:counseling OR subject:(counseling, psychology) OR title:(counseling, psychology)

MyTag: Devotionals

Collection: Favorite Devotional Bibles

Criteria: type:bible AND lang:english AND rating:>2 mytag:devotional

MyTag: Dogmatics

Collection: Dogmatics & Sytematics

Criteria: title:systematic OR title:dogmatics OR title:doctrine OR mytag:Dogmatics ANDNOT introduction

MyTag: Exegetical

Collection: Exegetical Commentaries

Criteria: mytag:exegetical

MyTag: Expanded

Collection: Favorite Expanded Bibles

Criteria: type:bible AND lang:english AND rating:>2 mytag:expanded

MyTag: Expository

Collection: Expository Commentaries

Criteria: mytag:expository

MyTag: gramlex

Collection: Grammars & Lexicons

Criteria: (type:(grammar, lexicon) OR mytag:gramlex) AND rating:>1

MyTag: Hermeneutics

Collection: Biblical Hermeneutics

Criteria: mytag:hermeneutics OR title:hermeneutics OR subject:hermeneutics

MyTag: History000

Collection: History: Church

Criteria: mytag:History000

MyTag: Homiletical

Collection: Homiletical Commentaries

Criteria: mytag:homiletical


Collection: All Journals

Criteria: type:(magazine, journal) OR subject:periodicals OR mytag:journal

– Minus Collection: Spanish Language

MyTag: Outlines

Collection: Outline Commentaries

Criteria: mytag:outlines

MyTag: RefWork

Collection: All Reference Works

Criteria: ((type:(dictionary, encyclopedia) AND rating:>1) OR mytag:RefWork) ANDNOT (type:lexicon OR title:(cascadia, lexham, syntactic, illustrations) OR lang:spanish))

MyTag: Roman Catholic

Collection: Roman Catholic Spirituality

Criteria: mytag:”Roman Catholic”

MyTag: Science

Collection: Creation Science

Criteria: subject:(creationism, science, cosmological, evolution, biology, astronomy) OR title:(science, evolution, space, astronomy) OR author:”hugh ross”  OR mytag:science

MyTag: Sermons

Collection: Sermons

Criteria: mytag:sermons

MyTag: Sermons

Collection: Homiletics

Criteria: (title:preaching ANDNOT illustrations OR title:sermon OR title:homiletical OR title:homiletics OR subject:homiletics) ANDNOT mytag:sermons

MyTag: Single Volume Commentary

Collection: Single Volume Commentaries

Criteria: mytag:”Single Volume Commentary”

MyTag: Study

Collection: Favorite Study Bibles

Criteria: type:bible AND lang:english AND rating:>2 mytag:study

MyTag: Untagged Commentary

Collection: Untagged Commentary

Criteria: mytag:”Untagged Commentary”

MyTag: Wesleyan Studies

Collection: Wesleyan Studies

Criteria: publisher:wesleyan OR collection:holiness OR title:wesley* OR author:(“John Wesley”, “Adam Clarke”) OR mytag:”Wesleyan Studies”


Collection: All Bibles

Criteria: type:bible


Collection: All Book Excluding Bibles

Criteria: rating:>=0 ANDNOT title:”study bible”

– Minus Collection: All Bibles


Collection: Biography (Non-biblical)

Criteria:subject:(autobiography, biography) ANDNOT subject:(paul, bible, jesus, apostles)


Collection: Core Theology

Criteria: rating:>0 ANDNOT subject:(concordances, bible, biography, manuals, quotations, handbooks, families, marriage, references, scrolls, indexes, lectionaries, pictorial, illustrations, question, harmonies, dictionaries, hermeneutics, synonymns, language, discourse, grammer, greek, hebrew) ANDNOT title:(lexham) AND type:monograph

– Minus Collection: All Journals, Reference Works, Expository Commentaries, Homiletical Commentaries, Sermons, Single Volume Commentaries, Bible Studies, All Bibles, Spanish Language, Homiletics, Creation Science, Untagged Commentaries, Dogmatics & Systematics, ANE Studies, Apologetics Resources, Biography


Collection: Dead Sea Scrolls

Criteria: title:(“dead sea scrolls”, qumran) OR subject:(“dead sea scrolls”, qumran) OR mytag:(“dead sea scrolls”, qumran)


Collection: English Bibles

Criteria: type:bible AND lang:english


Collection: Favorite English Bibles

Criteria: type:bible AND lang:english AND rating:>2


Collection: History: Jesus

Criteria: (title:jesus AND title:(historical, q, quest, “new perspective”)) OR (subject:jesus AND subject:(historicity, criticism, q))


Collection: History: Jewish

Criteria: (subject:history AND subject:(jew, judaism)) OR mytag:”History of Israel”



Collection: History: New Testament

Criteria: (subject:(history) AND subject:(N.T., “new testament”)) ANDNOT type:commentary, media


Collection: History: Old Testament

Criteria: (subject:(history) AND subject:(“O.T.”, “old testament”)) ANDNOT type:commentary, media


Collection: Old Reference Works

Criteria: (type:(dictionary, encyclopedia) AND rating:>1 AND pubdate:<1950) ANDNOT (type:lexicon OR title:(cascadia, lexham, syntactic, illustrations) OR lang:spanish))


Collection: New Reference Works

Criteria: (type:(dictionary, encyclopedia) AND rating:>1 AND pubdate:>1950) ANDNOT (type:lexicon OR title:(cascadia, lexham, syntactic, illustrations) OR lang:spanish))


Collection: Pauline Studies

Criteria: ((mytag:(pauline, paul) OR title:(paul, pauline)) ANDNOT type:(commentary, bible)


Collection: Second Temple Period

Criteria: title:”second temple” OR subject:”second temple” OR mytag:”second temple”


Collection: Spanish Bibles

Criteria: type:bible lang:spanish


Collection: Spanish Commentaries

Criteria: type:commentary lang:spanish


Collection: Spanish language

Criteria: lang:spanish

MyTag: VersionRiver

Collection: Version River

Criteria: VersionRiver

I hope these help you.  And once again, please leave suggestions for improvement or your own ideas in the comments section.

Dr. J.R. Miller is a Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership & Dean of Online Learning at Southern California Seminary. Outside work, he is a church planter. Dr. Miller has a diverse educational background and authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, and Leadership. Joe and his wife Suzanne enjoy the sun and surf with their 3 sons in San Diego, CA.

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