A First Look at the new Logos 5.0 for Mac


This short 9 minute video gives a first look at some of the more impressive features of the new Logos 5.0 for Mac.  Based on my use of 5.0, I am super excited to finally see some major speed improvements and feature parity with Windows.  This is a tremendous leap forward and what Mac users have been waiting to see.  Kudos to the Logos team of developers.  This is also visually impressive with much sharper graphics and text.  Again, another area showing tremendous improvement from 4.0.

All-in-all.. Logos 5.0 is a welcome upgrade that will certainly please most every Mac user!

Test Specs

The specs on my computer running in the video above are as follows:

  •   Model: MacBook Pro (2007)
  •   Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz
  •   L2 Cache: 4 MB
  •   Memory: 6 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  •   Bus Speed: 800 MHz

New in 5.0

Here is also a list of the new features. I will try to get more info out on these in the near future.


See it all, from Genesis to the present—biblical, church, and world history. Timeline events link to more information, so you can go deeper.

Clause Search

Logos 5 knows what words mean and how they’re used. Search the Bible by part of clause, and Logos brings back exactly what you’re looking for.

Bible Facts

Get instant information on any biblical person, place, thing, or event. When you come across an unfamiliar person or word, Bible Facts gets you up to speed.

Sermon Starter Guide

Brainstorm sermon ideas in seconds. Type in a passage or topic and get a smart list of related Scriptures, commentaries, outline suggestions, sermon illustrations, and visual aids.

Topic Guide

See what the Bible says about important issues. The Topic Guide connects biblical topics to key passages, scholarly articles, and profiles of related people, places, things, and events.

Bible Sense Lexicon

Go beyond biblical words—see how meanings relate. The Bible Sense Lexicon connects Greek, Hebrew, and English word senses, so you can discover how specific or general a given term is.


Logos 5 builds your bibliography for you. When you’re done studying, Logos instantly creates a bibliography you can annotate and export to your word processor.

Search Suggestions

Run smarter searches, whether simple or complex. Logos 5 suggests specific queries, so you can find precisely what you’re looking for.

Scripture Memory Tool

Learn your favorite passages by heart. Logos 5’s tools make it easy to memorize any portion of Scripture.

Dr. Joe Miller (aka JR) is a Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership & Dean of Online Learning at Southern California Seminary. In addition, he is a church planter and coach for other young leaders. Dr. Miller has a diverse educational background and authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, and Leadership. Joe and his wife Suzanne enjoy the sun and surf with their 3 sons in San Diego, CA.

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  • http://twitter.com/jakimo Jacques

    A link to the new Logos 5 engine, please?

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      I don’t think they have a download available yet for the Engine Only upgrade. I heard they are waiting a week or 2 to release that, but you can call sales to confirm that info.

  • Ben

    Wow. Just got blindsided about L5 this afternoon going to the L4 Mac forum when the website was down. Sounds incredible. I have Portfolio with sundry add-ons Spurgeon, Calvin 500, Pink, Tozer, etc, arm and a leg to get what I have converted to L5? Website still a no-go as of 11:25 EDT, so guess it must be some kind of cake they’ve got in the oven (or, rather, more than….). Thanks so much for the review. Best one hands down. Doh! …Site just came up! Here we go…

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      I am glad you found my review helpful Ben. Good luck figuring out what upgrade will work for you.

    • Chris Rees

      Ben, note you KEEP ALL YOU L4 RESOURCES. Forget the naming convention and simply look at ‘new to you’ to help you decide. I went from L4 Platinum to L5 Silver at a cost of $184 for 140 new resources and all the new functionality bar ‘sense lexcion’. Enjoy and Be Blessed

  • Markus Watson

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this? I haven’t checked the site yet, so I’ll ask here. Is there a price attached?

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      The Logos site has been up and down from traffic overload… but yes, there is a hefty price tag to upgrade. However, I recommend you call sales to explore your options and find the best deal.

      • Markus Watson

        Thanks, J.R.! I’ll contact them. And thanks for posting Bob Pritchett’s message above.

        • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

          You are welcome brother.

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      Not sure if you get notice of this Markus, but I posted Bob Pritchett’s comments about pricing above your comment on this thread.

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  • http://twitter.com/heyfletch heyfletch

    Thanks for taking the time to put this video together, helped me find my way through L5! I kept saying out loud, “now THAT’s cool!”

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      I am glad it helped you out! Blessings!

  • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

    In response to the confusion about upgrades, Bob Pritchett, President of Logos Bible Software, has made this statement.

    “We’re very sorry that the Logos 5 upgrade message hasn’t been clear enough.

    Logos 5 will be available at many price points, and the free engine will be available soon. But it works best with new content and resources,which are available now as great deals!

    We are working to improve the web site and messaging.

    – Our packages have been dramatically reconfigured. (For lots of reasons.) Our new dynamic pricing engine calculates a custom price for you to ‘upgrade’ to any package. If you had ‘Gold’ in Logos 4, you don’t have to move to ‘Gold’ in Logos 5 — it’s just a different collection of books. You could move to Bronze or Starter or Diamond — whatever you choose, you only pay for new content. That’s the same as always, and hasn’t changed.

    – Because the collections changed so much, though (some are gone, others are new, ones with the same name are very different), some users are seeing “Gold to Gold” or “Platinum to Platinum” upgrade pricesthat seem way too high. This reflects all the new content — data sets, books, etc. — in the new collections. But not everyone wants/needs/can-afford a lot of new books right now.

    – There will be a Minimum Crossgrade for Logos 5. It is not ready yet, and pricing has not been established, but we expect it’ll be under $100. (It will use dynamic pricing as well, but will probably be the same price for most users since almost all the content will be completely new to Logos 5.)

    – The Minimal Crossgrade is being configured, but we expect it will contain all/most of the unique new data sets (Timeline, Bible Facts, Clause Database, Bible Sense Lexicon, Phrases, Preaching Themes, Thematic Outlines, etc.). Some Logos 5 features only “light-up” or add value when specific books are present, and we’re figuring out which ones should be included in this crossgrade.

    (The Minimal Crossgrade for Logos 5 is not the same as “Gold to Gold” or a ‘same level’ crossgrade — it will not add the books in “Gold 5″ to an existing “Gold 4″ — just the new data sets.)

    – The Logos 5 software engine will be available for free download in the future. It is not available yet, but will be. Upgrading just the engine will let you use some new functionality, take advantage of the new user interface, etc. You’ll get the search helps, bibliography report, and more. But features that require specific new data sets — like the new Timeline, Bible Facts, and the Bible Sense Lexicon — aren’t included.

    – Why are these not available now? 17 years ago we made a decision to sell content, not code. We did this because we didn’t like how people were forced to buy upgrades to maintain access to their library when computers and operating systems changed or were upgraded. We wanted our users to be able to buy an electronic book and know that they wouldn’t have to pay again to read it just because Microsoft Windows was updated.

    Over the years this turned into “you only buy books, the software is free!” And that has been the case for 17 years, and still is. And for all those years we have continued to offer free updates, free phone support, and excellent customer service. And we still will.

    But we pay the bills by selling new content. So when we have a major upgrade we reconfigure our bundles, create high-value collections, and hope that we can sell enough content to cover the ongoing, cost of free upgrades and free support for everyone who ever bought an ebook in our format.

    You do not have to buy a level-to-level crossgrade. You do not need to buy more books. We will have a very affordable Minimal Crossgrade.We will have a free engine download. But since we have limited resources — only so much bandwidth, servers, and (the real limit) phone-lines andpeople available to take calls and answer email — we are focusing on selling those new content bundles first.

    Once the phone queue slows down, and once we aren’t helping people who do want to upgrade to a larger collection at a great price, we will put the Minimal Crossgrade up for sale. Then, some time after we’ve taken care of people who want to purchase that affordable crossgrade, we will put the free engine online, and offer the same level of free, friendly, phone or email support we’ve been providing for two decades — even to people who bought one package a decade ago and have never purchased anything since.

    – Yes, but when? We’re not sure, but it won’t be a terribly long wait — though it may feel that way if you’ve watched the Logos 5 videos! I know it’s hard to wait when it looks (and is!) so cool….

    You’ll soon be able to move to the Logos 5 engine at no cost at all. You’ll even have an option for adding the coolest new data sets at a very reasonable cost.

    I’m so sorry we didn’t make all of this clearer right from the start, and I hope you won’t be offended by our “paying the bills” focus on selling the revenue-generating upgrade bundles for just a short while before we offer the low-cost and free alternatives.

    — Bob Pritchett, President/CEO”
    see, http://community.logos.com/forums/t/58259.aspx

  • David Thomas

    I would like to watch something about how the new Sermon Prep Guide in L5 works into the flow of your 5 day scheme.

  • Ron

    Do you have vids on logos for iPad? The newer logos.

    • http://www.MoreThanCake.org/ J.R. Miller

      Sorry. No. I dont even own an iPad.

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