Today in Egypt, one of the most ancient Christian communities that predates the Islamic faith by hundreds of years is under attack.  Today in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is practicing genocide against anyone who follow Christ.  Women and girls as young as 12 are being raped and “converted” to Islam, young boys and men are routinely killed; yet the media remains silent to their plight.

Coptic Christians comprise up to 10% of Egypt’s 84 million people, and this minority population is being scapegoated to justify Islamic hate.  As reported by the National Review.

While Western media, following the lead of pro-Brotherhood Al Jazeera, continue demonizing the Egyptian military’s attempts to neutralize the Muslim Brotherhood terror bases – where people have been tortured, raped, and killed, all according to Islamist fatwas (yes, including the rape, more on this later) the media portray them as “sit ins” where Islamists are “holding vigil” only to be slaughtered by the military – the Western media has been incredibly silent about the terrors being visited on Egypt’s Coptic Christians, the nation’s original inhabitants, by the very same people in the “sit ins.”

For starters, and as CBN’s Gary Lane just put it, “What do Muslim Brotherhood members do when Egyptian Security Forces launch a forewarned operation to clear them from Cairo tent cities? Attack Christians. That’s right. Morsi supporters responded with a monumental attack — unprecedented in modern times — on churches throughout Egypt. The torching and destruction of churches occurred within six hours of the start of the military crackdown.”

To those who are listenging, the agenda of of the Muslim Brotherhood and like-minded terrorists is clear.

Accordingly, among some Islamists, anti-Christian fury has taken on genocidal proportions. Recently a Libyan Muslim named Tamar Rashad called in to a talk show, saying “I want to offer the good news to [the Coptic Pope] Tawadros that, Allah willing, the day is coming when no Copt will ever again tread the ground of Egypt – and no churches. We will no longer allow churches to exist.” When the TV host appeared to protest, Rashad interrupted him saying, “It’s already decided, take your cameras and go to the churches and you’ll see what’s going to happen soon, Allah willing.” has published some of the attacks.

Ishaq Ibrahim from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights group has documented as many as 39 incidents of violence against churches, monasteries, Coptic schools and shops in different parts of the country within the past few days. They include Thursday’s torching of the Prince Tadros Church in the province of Fayoum, where three similar attacks occurred on other churches the day before.

Islamists firebombed the Mar Gergiss Church in Sohag, a city with a large community of Coptic Christians, burning it to the ground. Islamists previously raised an al-Qaida flag over the church.

Another two places of worship, the Churches of Abraham and the Virgin Mary, were attacked in El-Menia province, leaving them partially damaged by fire. St. Theresa Church in Assiut in Upper Egypt was also burned.

The National Catholic Reporter has reported more of the violent details.

In a widely published interview with The Associated Press, Franciscan Sr. Manal, principal of a school in Bani Suef, told of a six-hour ordeal in which a mob broke into the school, stole all computers and furniture and set multiple fires. At times, she told AP, she was overcome by fumes from the fire and tear gas from police. She said the mob knocked the cross off the street gate and replaced it with a black banner resembling the al-Qaida flag.

Manal said the school educated about equal numbers of Christians and Muslims, so when a parent who was a police officer had warned her the school was targeted by extremists, she did not pay attention.

After the attack, the extremists paraded Manal and two other nuns through the streets before a Muslim — a former teacher at the school — offered them shelter.

The list of attacks published by the Coptic Catholic church included a Franciscan-run church and school in Suez and three Catholic churches, a monastery and school damaged and burned in Assiut. Four Catholic churches, a convent and school in Minya, as well as a convent of Sisters of St. Mary in Cairo, were also according the website, which blamed “the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Mohammed Morsi, the former Egyptian president.”

Meanwhile, 35 Coptic Orthodox and Protestant churches were attacked in various towns and cities, as well as an Anglican church in Suez.

Six Christian sites were burned by crowds in Fayoum and five others in Sohag, said the report, which added that all the incidents had been “verified by representatives of the Christian churches.”

Christian homes, shops and hotels were also looted in Minya, el-Arish, Assiut and Luxor, along with offices of the ecumenical Bible Society in Cairo, Assiut and Fayoum.

Sadly, for many Americans, if the news is not reported on CNN or NBC, they remain blissfully ignorant of, or even deny, the facts. But for anyone willing to listen, there is a genocidal evil occurring in Egypt.  I hope everyone reading will share this news, speak up for the lives of Christians being targeted by radical-Muslims, and do what you can to bring a quick end to this violence.

Praying for peace!

Dr. J.R. Miller is a Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership & Dean of Online Learning at Southern California Seminary. Outside work, he is a church planter. Dr. Miller has a diverse educational background and authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, and Leadership. Joe and his wife Suzanne enjoy the sun and surf with their 3 sons in San Diego, CA.

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