We have not seen the Spirit of God with our eyes nor touched Him with our hands, yet we know from Scripture and from experience that the Holy Spirit is real and a part of our hope and faith. Still, even with the abiding presence of the Spirit, our incipient theology of the Spirit has seemingly fractured our Church beyond healing. This great divide finds its epicenter in a deceptive doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the confusion about His role in the believer’s new life in Christ.

Without question, there is great confusion, in both the practice and theology, surrounding the Holy Spirit and the “gifts” He brings.  Confusion, left unchecked, leads to divisions within the one Body of Christ.  This paper offers a solution, by exploring the concept of the One Gift of the Holy Spirit and the right place for his giftings in the Church.

A Paper Presented at Southern California Seminary

Symposium on The Holy Spirit
July 27, 2015

Dr. J.R. Miller is a Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership & Dean of Online Learning at Southern California Seminary. Outside work, he is a church planter. Dr. Miller has a diverse educational background and authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, and Leadership. Joe and his wife Suzanne enjoy the sun and surf with their 3 sons in San Diego, CA.

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