Forgotten Gifts Remembered

Forgotten Gifts Remembered

2628_69212082951_676992951_2285436_5092477_nDave was orphaned in Vietnam when a land-mine took the life of the person carrying him–most likely his mom or dad, but he can’t remember now.  Dave lost his leg in that accident, but was rescued by American soldiers and taken to an orphanage. Dave was adopted by a family in America, where he became my roommate, and one of my best friends, at Penn State University.

Even in college 15 years ago, Dave walked with a cane, but since then he has grown weaker due to a degenerative disease that hinders his mobility. Dave shot this picture of these old stairs to represent his struggle. I share both his photo and his comments with you today; first, because they touch me deeply and second, because they remind me to embrace God’s blessings in the midst of my own trial.

“There are gifts that we are unconscious of … until the day they are demanded back from us. It is then that we discover the infinite number of times we had thoughtlessly used them … and it is then that they cease to be gifts. They become … little daily miracles.” — Dave Young

Conversations Using The Home Plate Strategy

Conversations Using The Home Plate Strategy

Learning to ask questions is a skill that leads to the greatest discoveries in life.

  • As a professor, I employ a Socratic method in the classroom.
  • As a coach, I help people discover their own path with questions.
  • As an apologist, I use questions to lead people to discover truth.
  • And, as a friend, I ask questions to build relationships.

But I am far from perfect.

That is why I am so inspired by the Home Plate strategy presented to me by Peter Strople. A few years back, I had the chance to sit in a room with a few select people and hear Peter share how he connects with other people using his Home Plate. These basic questions help anyone start a conversation that exposes both a person’s being and purpose. Here is the essence of each base.

  • Base 1. What is your biggest passion? What do you love to do?
  • Base 2. What is your unique contribution to the world around you? What draws people to you?
  • Base 3. What is the biggest impact you have made in your life?
  • Base 4. Is the impact yo’ve made sustainable? What will be your legacy in life?

Check out the video below to hear Peter Stople himself talk about the Home Plate strategy.


Praying for my Christian brothers and sisters in Charleston SC

Praying for my Christian brothers and sisters in Charleston SC

Like many Americans, I awoke to read the tragic headline of evil hitting Charleston, SC as a gunman killed 9 Christians during a prayer meeting. The suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, 21, has been captured and is yet to speak out about his motive. Is Roof a deplorable racist, hateful of blacks? Is a an angry atheist, hateful of Christians? Or maybe both?

While we do not yet know the motivation for his act of evil, my prayers go out to the families of those killed in cold-blood. I pray they can find peace in the abiding grace of Jesus Christ—Lord and Savior of those 9 beautiful souls.


The suspect has now confessed and it appears that his motives for attacking are rooted in a pervasive racial hatred of blacks. His affiliation to an ideology of racism clearly makes this mass killing far more worse than a hate crime, but a deliberate act of terrorism. 

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