What do Communist Chinese and American Secularists have in Common?

What do Communist Chinese and American Secularists have in Common?

Read these two news stories and you will see it.

First, lets look at the state of things in Communist China.

Tibetan Monks Protest New Year Prayer Ban

Defiant Buddhist monks banned from marking a key Tibetan New Year prayer festival marched in protest in China’s southwest, rights groups said. It was the latest resistance to Chinese rule ahead of sensitive anniversaries in Tibet…

The latest protest began Sunday morning — the second day of Monlam — when Chinese officials stopped the monks at the Sey monastery in Sichuan province as they gathered to pray, the International Campaign for Tibet said, citing unidentified sources. The monks left the prayer hall and started walking toward the main town, shouting to be allowed to pray, ICT said.

A few minutes later, armed security officials arrived and the monks returned to their lamasery…

Now lets look at the state of things in a Radicalized and Secular America.

Supreme Court Lets Ban on Type of School Prayer Stand

Coach Marcus Borden used to bow his head and drop to one knee when his football team prayed. But the Supreme Court ended that tradition on Monday when it refused to hear the high school coach’s appeal of a school district ban on employees joining a student-led prayer…

Judge D. Michael Fisher, writing for the Philadelphia appeals court, said Borden’s past action of leading the prayers made his head-bowing seem inappropriate. “A reasonable observer would conclude that he is continuing to endorse religion when he bows his head during the pre-meal grace and takes a knee with his team in the locker room while they pray,” Fisher said.

What is the common thread between these stories?

First, both the Communists and Secularists are Ruled BY Fear.

  • Secularists fear religion because it robs them of power; power to control other people.
  • Secularists fear the public expression of faith, because they are intellectually weak and cannot win in the public arena of ideas.
  • Secularists fear religion of any kind, because they are psychologically weak; seeing other people pray creates self-doubt and anxiety.
  • Secularists fear prayer, because it reminds them of the emptiness and vanity of their own existence.

Second, both the Communists and Secularists Ruled THROUGH Fear!

  • Secularists create fear by using the Government’s power to suppress those with religious beliefs.
  • Secularists create fear by putting in prison those who does not share their belief in a godless society.
  • Secularists create fear using legal-violence against those who protest their rule.
  • Secularists create fear through intimidation; including the loss of a job for anyone who does not check their faith at the door into the public arena.

So what do you say?

Given these, and the many other stories in today’s news, what do the Communist Chinese and American Secularists have in common?

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The term “Secularist” used throughout this article is in a very specific way to reference radicalized individuals, groups, and government agencies in the United States that are anti-religious in nature and who oppose the rights of individuals to practice their religion without harm. I would like to acknowledge that not all non-religious people have this bent toward control and many have shown respect and courtesy towards people of Faith. In addition, I regard highly those non-religious men and women who have laid down their lives for the rights of people of Faith. This article is in no way is meant to compare these people with either the Chinese communists or with those radical-secularists who are actively championing the abolition of religion.

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