The Next Generation of Assisted Suicide

The Next Generation of Assisted Suicide

In 1994, the State of Oregon was the first in the United States of America to legalize assisted suicide. Just 2 years earlier in 1992, Star Trek: The Next Generation aired a show titled “Ethics” in which they dealt with this very issue.

How did this show reflect, influence and/or shape the ethics of its viewers?

The Next Generation of Gender and Love

The series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” had a clear mission in how it hoped to shape the minds of its viewers when it came to love, sex, and Gender. These clips from seasons 3 and 4 give just a sampling of the social agenda.

1. Can you define the issues of sex, gender, and love raised in each of these clips?
2. How did this series influence the the next generation of viewers who grew up watching?
3. Do you see this impact as a positive or negative?
4. What does this video sampling teach us about the power of entertainment to shape morality?

Are You Ready For A Family Reunion?

Join me for this intimate look at Jesus’ Unfinished Parable.  This sermon dates back to the fall of 2006, and shares God’s heartbeat for Church through a gut-wrenching story of a lost family in desperate need of a loving reunion. As you listen, ask yourself, are you ready for a reunion with the Father? Are you ready for a reunion with His Family?

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