Logos 6 is Here… Which Package is Right for You?

Logos 6 is Here… Which Package is Right for You?


For the past couple months I have had the chance to work with the new Logos 6.

What’s New

Logos 6 offers a host of new features and tools for language study, Bible study, research into ancient cultures, and literature. However, the most amazing part of Logos 6 are the host of new visual tools that help teachers of the Bible better communicate the content to a broader audience.

I could write a lot on this, but instead of reading about it, watch this short video which shows a lot of the new features in Logos 6.


If you are new to Logos, you may be overwhelmed with all the options, books and features. You can check out each package for yourself at anytime, but to make it simple, here is my recommendation for which package is right for you.

Personal Study and Devotion = Bronze

If you are someone who wants to dig deeper into the Bible and sites like Bible Gateway just don’t provide enough, then I recommend starting with Bronze. Some of the important features here are listed below.

  1. Atlas (first set of maps)
  2. Cultural Concepts
  3. Before and After: Ancient and Modern Biblical Archaeological Sites
  4. Virtual Tours: Narrative Character Maps
  5. Beitzel Photo Library
  6. Logos 6 Maps, vol. 1 (English)
  7. Logos Stock Media
  8. Logos Media Archive
  9. Faithlife Study Bible Media

Bible Teacher (pastor or professor) = Silver

For anyone who regularly teaches the Scripture in either a Sunday School or college/university, the Silver package offers some tools beyond the Bronze that you will come to rely on.

  1. Ancient Literature tool
  2. Atlas (2 volumes)
  3. Clause Participants Section
  4. Propositional Flow Outline
  5. Logos 6 Maps, vol. 2 (English)
  6. Artifacts from the British Museum
  7. Preaching Theme Slide Art
  8. The Cultural Context of the Bible

Bible Student and Language Study = Gold

If you are a Seminary student or professor with an interest in ancient languages, then Gold is the best package for you.

  1. Atlas (includes all 3 volumes)
  2. Logos 6 Maps, vol. 3 (English)
  3. Sense Section
  4. Textual Variants
  5. Lexham Textual Notes on the Bible
  6. Online Textual Variants Manuscripts
  7. Textual Analysis Tools: Form and Structure of the Psalms (Psalms Browser)
  8. Textual Analysis Tools: Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible (Proverbs Browser)
  9. Lexham Glossary of Semantic Roles

Also, be aware that Logos offers a 30% academic discount to anyone who is a student or professor so be sure to call and get the best price when you order.

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