One Gift, Many Giftings; The Supremacy of the Holy Spirit Over Every Spirit Gifting

One Gift, Many Giftings; The Supremacy of the Holy Spirit Over Every Spirit Gifting


We have not seen the Spirit of God with our eyes nor touched Him with our hands, yet we know from Scripture and from experience that the Holy Spirit is real and a part of our hope and faith. Still, even with the abiding presence of the Spirit, our incipient theology of the Spirit has seemingly fractured our Church beyond healing. This great divide finds its epicenter in a deceptive doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the confusion about His role in the believer’s new life in Christ.

Without question, there is great confusion, in both the practice and theology, surrounding the Holy Spirit and the “gifts” He brings.  Confusion, left unchecked, leads to divisions within the one Body of Christ.  This paper offers a solution, by exploring the concept of the One Gift of the Holy Spirit and the right place for his giftings in the Church.

A Paper Presented at Southern California Seminary

Symposium on The Holy Spirit
July 27, 2015

Love Wins Because The Bible Tells Me So

Love Wins Because The Bible Tells Me So

Love is not a ruling by the US Supreme court

Love is not a government fine to mitigate tort.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love gossips

Love does not win when truth is decried.

Love does not win when sin is denied.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - sexually impure

Love wins because on a cross Christ Jesus died.

Love wins because death’s victory was denied.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - greedy

Love is not found on bumperstickers, billboards or Facebook posts.

Love is found only in the zeal of YHWH, the Lord of Hosts.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - racists

Love was given 2,000 years ago to save us.

Love was given to transform, and not enable, us.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - drunkards

Love knows no sin it cannot heal.

Love gave His life to make it real.

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - cheaters

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - you

Love wins because the Bible tells me so.

Love Wins - me

Knowing that the poetry and pictures above may not be clear, I wish to add this simple prose of purpose.

I write this post, humbled by my own sin. I am thankful God loved me so much that Jesus died on the cross so save me from myself. Daily I seek to lay aside my own desires and ask God’s Spirit to train my heart so it beats in unison with His. I would not even know how to love except God first loved me.

I write this post with hope for all my brothers and sisters who struggle to keep our Faith. As the World presses in, compromise is easy when we forget our own deep need for salvation. I write with hope knowing it is never too late to turn back from the World and run to open arms of our Father. Do you regret where your decisions have taken you?  Don’t give in to the voices of fear because God promises to deal gently with everyone of His kids who are distressed and alienated from His love (Heb 5:2).

I write this post knowing that we, the Church, need more than cake. We need solid food to help us discern right from wrong, and assist us in doing good deeds that bring glory to God’s name (Heb 5:14; 6:1).

God’s love is not an excuse to accept the sin that holds us back, but a salve to heal our wounds and help us love like Him (Rom. 6:103). Sadly, the Church has at times forgotten this simple truth.

  • Forgive me Father that in your name I have hurt others.
  • Forgive me that instead of grace, I have offered condemnation.
  • Forgive me Father that I have allowed the culture to tell me hate was okay.
  • Forgive me Father that I have used my words to alienate the very people you died to heal.

Thank you Father that while I was still lost in sin, you loved me enough to send your son Jesus to die on the cross, to raise Him from the dead, and adopt me into your Family by the power of the Holy Spirit (1 John 1:9).

  • Will you repent?
  • Will you trust?
  • Will you let God’s love win your heart?

Thank you God that, in Christ alone, love wins.

A Sneak Peek at Rob Bell’s New Book

A Sneak Peek at Rob Bell’s New Book

A lot has changed recent years with Rob Bell with the “evolution” of his theology. With so much talk, I thought it was time to revive this old post I made back in 2008.


I have to admit, I am not a fan of Rob Bell’s Nooma Videos or his writings.  I know some folks have theological concerns about Bell.  Personally, I have never been able to stay awake long enough to form a meaningful conclusion.  Anyway, I ran across the following links at Raffi Shahinian’s blog and was in the mood for a good laugh.

I know this is just a matter of taste, but for me the videos are painfully slow moving and always about 8 minutes too long (the last one I saw was a 10 minute video). I just don’t get it.

If you’ve never seen one of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos, here is an entertaining example of what you are not missing.  If you are a fan, then you will recognize this is just a funny parody from Rudi Gesch and friends.

Bell’s books are a lot like his videos; rambling, disconnected, and full of random thoughts. If you have never read any of Bell’s books, this sneak peek at his next book posted at the Wittenburg Door says it all.  If you dig Bell’s writing, you know this is satirical, but you’ll still be moved to deeper levels of spiritual vitality simply because it reminds you of Rob Bell.

Getting Real About Reality in Real Time, Really (Rob Bell’s Latest Meditation on Realism)
by Aaron Alford

I was counseling a man and woman the other day. He was very angry. And upset. And she was too.




I looked at the man. He was so upset because he was quite displeased with the whole situation. And that reminded me of Jesus. “Jesus” is this man, who is also God, who is talked about in the Christian holy writings called “The Bible.” In this “Bible,” there are many “stories” about Jesus in things called “gospels.” Anyhoo, one day “Jesus” became “upset.”

So upset that he turned over tables.

Tables people changed money at.

Tables where people had times at.

Tables. Times.

Often we do math. Using times tables. The word “times tables” appears approximately 37 times in the Bible. In the Greek, it is made up of two words. “Blek” meaning “times” and “plethunos” meaning “tables.” Times Tables.




How often do we unnecessarily multiply our anger? Our upsettness? Our flustration?

“He is making me angry.”

“She’s being dumb.”

“See Dick jump.”

And so on.

You may be becomening upset right now. Upset that I make up words. Upset that some of my sentences are incomplete thoughts, containing no verbs whatsoever. What. Soever. Upset that I start too many sentences with “and.” And upset that I start too many sentences with “but.”

But there’s something else. Something deeper. Going on here.

I told the man and the woman, who were still mad, this stuff about times tables and anger and other things and whatnot. They blankly stared at me. And do you know what? Their angerness was gone.

It was replaced with something else. Something blanker.

Because this is really about that.

Moby Dick is really about a whale.

Green Eggs and Ham is really about the Cat in the Hat.[1]

And Scatman Crothers[2] was the black dude in The Shining.

But we’re all shining, aren’t we?

Shining with realitude.[3]



[1]These are books by an incredible author named Dr. Seuss. Go buy everything he’s ever written and read them right now.

[2]The Shining is this movie where this writer dude totally goes crazy and says “here’s Johnny” and stuff. Have you seen it? Why do you think I referenced it here? How does that make you feel?

[3]You probably thought you were finished reading. Well you’re not! I can keep these footnotes going just as long as I want, baby! And people will read them! Yeah! In your face, Miller! Who’s emergent now??? WOOO!!!!



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