Build Your Own Studio for Under $550

Build Your Own Studio for Under $550

I have been promising people this video for some time… well, I finally put it all together.

If you are doing a podcast, video-education, or sermon-casting, this video gives a summary of the best hardware and software at the best possible price.

Products demonstrated in the video above can be purchased for under $550.00, not including the computer.


  1. 2015 MacBook Pro ($1,299 – $1,999)
  2. MacBook Pro Stand – $43.00
  3. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – $129.00
  4. Zoom Q4 Digital Multitrack Recorder – $199.00
  5. Green Screen – $39.00
  6. Studio Stand for Green Screen – $26.00


  1. Audacity – Free
  2. ScreenFlow from Telestream – $99.00
  3. If you are in the market for church presentation software, you can read my recent review of Proclaim by Faithlife.

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