The Earth Problem

The Earth Problem

Is it possible for the earth to be billions of years old? There are problems within the Solar Nebula theory that suggest the earth could not be billions of years old. The simple presence of water is one significant problem for secular scientists. Over 70% of Earth’s...

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The Smile

It isn’t easy, This smile on my face Sometimes it tires Slipping from its usual place And though I strain and pull With all my might, I somehow can never Get it back just right — Dave...

Meditations In The Dark

Meditations in the dark, Contemplations of the abyss I walk the edge of nothing Peering on the other side One foot over, one foot on, Should I take the step? Sweet oblivion calls to me Darkness answers my grief I glance over my shoulder … and delicately back away...

Only 4% Replant

Ed Stetzer did some research for the North American Missions Board and released a study that said only 4% of churches in the US reproduce or plant other churches.  So if you want to know why the Church is not growing in the US… that stat says it all. So when I...

Vontaze Burfict’s Dirtiest Plays

This is not the typical content for my blog, but I put this short video together and thought I would share it anyway. Vontaze Burfict of the Cincinnati Bengals proves time and again he is one of the dirtiest players in the NFL for cheap shots, targeting and seeking to...

I Wait…

I wait … I wait with bated breath … for a wish to rub the sleep from its eyes and for a dream to take its first gasp of life I wait with faith in my heart and hope in my soul for the melting of the wintry cold and the promise of spring sunshine I wait with impatience...

Parable of the American Kingdom Retold

Jesus, the undocumented worker, returned home to Mexico from living in America. His family said to him, “Jesus, why have you returned home from America?” “it is difficult to understand” he said, “so let me tell you a story. The kingdom of America may be compared to a...

Christmas is Truth in Action

If you watch the news, you would think Christmas is one of the most controversial or despised holidays, but in truth the majority of Americans love to celebrate this tradition. According to Pew Research, 9 in 10 Americans celebrate Christmas; nones, Jews, Buddhists,...

Church Discipline is Not What You Think

For our church, the practice of Church Discipline is an important to our longevity and health as a Christian community. The book of 1 Corinthians 4-6 helps us understand what it means to live as the incarnation of God’s holiness. Discussion of Church...

Forgotten Gifts Remembered

Dave was orphaned in Vietnam when a land-mine took the life of the person carrying him–most likely his mom or dad, but he can’t remember now.  Dave lost his leg in that accident, but was rescued by American soldiers and taken to an orphanage. Dave was adopted by a...

[BOOK REVIEW] Supernatural

Do you really believe what the Bible says? This is the opening question for Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s new book, “Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World And Why It Matters.” His book is dedicated to discussing the strange, and often...

University System a Victim of Their Own Success

The news is ablaze with the rising firestorm of student protests across the country who, after seeing the success of students at the University of Missouri force the resignation of both the President and Chancellor, hope to share in that success by forcing...

CNBC Shows Whats Wrong With the American Media

I am not a fan of what American politics has become. Both our politicians and our media lack integrity. While there are some good people in politics, I am disgusted at the corruption in both the Republican & Democrat establishments. The media has stopped reporting...

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