[PODCAST] Leading With Personality

[PODCAST] Leading With Personality

Liner Notes Dr. Miller begins today's show with a quick recap of what it means to Lead From Strength, and leads into a discussion of leading with personality. The  tool Joe discusses is The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory and how it can be used to make...

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[PODCAST] Leadership Starts With Faith

Linter Notes 5 Building Blocks of a Good Leader’s DNA DNA of Faith: United to YHWH through the power of the Spirit, we live like a family and share our earthly joys and sorrows. DNA of Integrity: Inspired by God’s forgiveness, we live open and honest lives...

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According to the Gospel of Greed

“But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their...

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When Love Conquers Compassion

"Unless you suffer the pain of spiritual discipline you will suffer the pain of spiritual defeat.” - Ian Gardner She walks her son down the long hospital hallway. People scurry about and take no notice of the suffering mother and child. Mattie holds firmly...

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[PODCAST] Teams Are Not A Toy

Teams are not a toy, yet so many leaders treat them like a personal playground.  A popular leader recently tweeted out, “It's foolish to go where the team can't take you. Change the team or change the dream. #leadership” BUT, teams are MORE than a means to...

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Created For Insignificance

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” - Napoleon Bonaparte I was talking with a brand new Christian the other day and I brought up the name Billy Graham. His response to me was, “Billy who?”—I had to chuckle inside. Chances are you and I will...

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[PODCAST] The Power of Generational Leadership

Podcast Liner Notes Generational leadership is the intentional integration of the past, present and future for mission of the eternal. Its leading through intergenerational teams. Its allowing others to lead from their strengths rather than compensate for...

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[PODCAST] Deconstructing Christian Leadership

Podcast Liner Notes As you consider the most popular role-models for Christian leadership, ask yourself this question, what exactly is uniquely “Christ-like” in how they lead?  Do they lead like Christ, or do they lead like the World and only talk about...

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What is space?

I came across a great post today and wanted to let me readers in on the discussion. The author is the amazingly accomplished Dr. Emily Thomas, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Durham University. In this post, she asks the question, "what is space?"...

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