Is it About Race & White Privilege or Marriage?

In the video, the author gives you a visual representation of what he believes is a problem and asks leading questions designed to satisfy what he believes is the innate belief of black people. His premise is, whites have an advantage over blacks and therefore white privilege is a real thing.

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Be Something

"The world says ‘you can be anything’, but God does not want you to be ‘anything’, He created you to be ’something’." — J. R. Miller At the bottom of my blog, you  might have noticed a random quote from me in section called "I said..."  Most of these quotes come from...

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[SERMON] Sarah — Genesis 12

The Sunday Conversation at Reunion Church led by Joe Miller, Elder & Rose Bales — Genesis 12. The message is titled, “Sarah.” Find out more about Reunion online at

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First Amazon Review for #EldersLead

My newest book, Elders Lead a Healthy Family,  is now out on and here is the first review: Dr. J. R. Miller has written a book that directly challenges an average American evangelical status quo: the supposed office of pastor. In Elders Lead a Healthy...

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