The Earth’s Moon Problem

There are four dominant hypotheses debated by scientists that attempt to explain the existence of the Earth's moon. Following is a brief summary and explanation of why these theories fall short. 4 Theories 1. The Fission Theory Postulate: The early Earth was spinning...

The Earth Problem

Is it possible for the earth to be billions of years old? There are problems within the Solar Nebula theory that suggest the earth could not be billions of years old. The simple presence of water is one significant problem for secular scientists. Over 70% of Earth’s...

Stick to Theology: Skip the Science

I was recently at a family camp where one of the speakers told a riveting story of riding in a plane that almost crashed. During the incident, he was able to remain calm, but the passenger next to him was scared beyond belief. His point was that regardless of their...

The Venus Problem

Solar Nebula models tell us that Venus, in close proximity to the Earth, should have formed around the same time and be composed of similar materials, however these two planets are inexplicably different: despite its large magnetosphere, Venus has no magnetic field no...

The Mercury Problem

Is it possible for Mercury to be billions of years old as evolutionary models demand? Recent space exploration has discovered significant evidence that would undermine these old-universe models. The Mariner 10 space probe (1974-1975) & the Messenger probe (2011)...

Astronomy, Cosmology and a Study of God’s Creation

Introduction Ever since my days as an engineering student at Penn Sate University, I have loved science. My favorite course was Thermodynamics and Fluid Flow. I recently decided to continue some of my scientific exploration in a course of Astronomy, Cosmology and the...

Bitter Rain

bitter rain falls down vacant eyes look to the sky silent cold...

Christians Never Called to Kill

The NY Times demonstrates their own ignorance and religious bigotry toward Christians in this article by Jeremy W. Peters and Lizette Alvarez that says, "Republican congressman read his colleagues a Bible verse from Romans that calls for the execution of gays." The...

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