The Reporter Who Cried Trump

The Reporter Who Cried Trump

I do not share Trump's underlying value system. I will wait and see what policies he actually proposes, but I do not have high expectations for the Trump Presidency. I have a feeling it will be an unpredictable bag of some positive and some disastrous policies. That...

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The Saturn Problem

The ongoing study of Saturn is adding to the long list of scientific data undermining conventional Solar Nebula theories. Saturn's rings, the most distinctive aspect of this planet, are similar in scale to a sheet of paper that is as wide as San Francisco....

Time To Let Your Big Dreams Die!

My friend Paula showed me a recent blog post from Skye Jethani where he writes about his "Daisy-Cutter Doctrine." Jethani is the managing editor of Leadership Journal which is owned by Christianity Today International. So what is this new Daisy Cutter Doctrine Jethani...

The Jupiter Problem

The facts known about Jupiter continue to pose problems for conventional Solar Nebula theorists for how the planet was formed. Following is a brief summary of these difficulties. The Galileo mission discovered that the upper limit for Jupiter's rocky core is no more...

3 Things Science Can’t Explain; 4 Things Unknown

Science is great, but only when we respect its limits to explain our universe. There are really three disciplines of study necessary to understand life: Science, Philosophy, and Theology. Just like a three-legged stool, the rejection of any one of these disciplines...

What is ethical suffering?

This clip is from Dr. J.R. Miller’s graduate course on Christian Ethics and Leadership at Southern California Seminary. In this segment he discusses the meaning of ethical suffering in a world that views all suffering as...

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