[PODCAST] Leading From Strength

[PODCAST] Leading From Strength

Liner Notes In today’s podcast, Dr. Miller discusses 2 tools to help leaders learn how to lead form their strengths.  The first tool is The Strength Finders Assessment and the Second is the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. Why Focus on Strengths...

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Is it About Race & White Privilege or Marriage?

In the video, the author gives you a visual representation of what he believes is a problem and asks leading questions designed to satisfy what he believes is the innate belief of black people. His premise is, whites have an advantage over blacks and therefore white privilege is a real thing.

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The Loss of Wonder and the Descent of Humanity

What are we to make of the recent attack in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and hundreds injured? What would motivate a man to undertake such an evil? The investigation into the specifics of his motive are ongoing, and I cannot pretend to have a complete answer. There...

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Science and Religion in Higher Education

As America has become more pluralistic and secular, Marsden argues, Christian higher education has failed to make an appeal to this broader audience.[1]  The rise of specialists helped put an end to the generalist approach once held in high esteem and the place for...

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Darwin’s impact on religion in the US and Europe

Without question, Darwinian science had a tremendous influence on religious development in the United States and across Europe. The complex relationship between science and religion is difficult to frame as the social and cultural influences peculiar to various...

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