The Electoral College and the End of Slavery

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote I have been hearing a lot this past week about how the Electoral College is outdated and we should just go by the popular vote. Most notably political supporters of Hillary Clinton say, "she won the popular vote, so let's use that to...

Elections, Fear, and the Loss of Empathy

If I could sum up the response to the 2016 Presidential election, it would be fear. The rhetoric from the candidates, their surrogates, and the media has fostered a culture of fear that has led to terrible violence. Some voted out of fear for what a President Clinton...

[SERMON] Fearless Faith – Psalm 49

A sermon from Reunion Church by Joe Miller, Elder — Psalm 49. The message is titled, “Fearless Faith.” In this election, many people voted out of fear and the many people now fear the results. This message from Psalm 49...

The Saturn Problem

The ongoing study of Saturn is adding to the long list of scientific data undermining conventional Solar Nebula theories. Saturn's rings, the most distinctive aspect of this planet, are similar in scale to a sheet of paper that is as wide as San Francisco....

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