Stick to Theology: Skip the Science

Stick to Theology: Skip the Science

I was recently at a family camp where one of the speakers told a riveting story of riding in a plane that almost crashed. During the incident, he was able to remain calm, but the passenger next to him was scared beyond belief. His point was that regardless of their...

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The Venus Problem

Solar Nebula models tell us that Venus, in close proximity to the Earth, should have formed around the same time and be composed of similar materials, however these two planets are inexplicably different: despite its large magnetosphere, Venus has no magnetic field no...

The Mercury Problem

Is it possible for Mercury to be billions of years old as evolutionary models demand? Recent space exploration has discovered significant evidence that would undermine these old-universe models. The Mariner 10 space probe (1974-1975) & the Messenger probe (2011)...

Astronomy, Cosmology and a Study of God’s Creation

Introduction Ever since my days as an engineering student at Penn Sate University, I have loved science. My favorite course was Thermodynamics and Fluid Flow. I recently decided to continue some of my scientific exploration in a course of Astronomy, Cosmology and the...

Bitter Rain

bitter rain falls down vacant eyes look to the sky silent cold...

Christians Never Called to Kill

The NY Times demonstrates their own ignorance and religious bigotry toward Christians in this article by Jeremy W. Peters and Lizette Alvarez that says, “Republican congressman read his colleagues a Bible verse from Romans that calls for the execution of...

Evil won’t ignore you!

LIke so many others living in on the West Coast, I woke this morning to the devastating news that the lives of 50 people were snuffed out in Orlando Florida by the evil actions of an Islamic inspired terrorist. A man who pledged allegiance to ISIS, took up arms,...

Broken Things

What is done with broken things, Unfixable things, Things that have come unglued? Where goes the cracked toy, The split tool, The doll that’s been puppy-chewed? Broken and unwanted, Broken and replaced, Broken and tossed away Who mourns their loss? Who misses their...

The Four-fold Meaning of the Word of God

In this video, Dr. Miller discussing the four-fold nature of the Word of God: the Spoken, Written, Living, and Manifest Word. This is a short excerpt from his sermon on Psalms 12 titled, “YHWH’s Justice is NOT Social”. Find out more about Reunion online at...

Throwing in the Towel on Jesus

Robert was once a Southern Baptist pastor and now he is a professed atheist.  A friend wrote him a letter of concern, and following begins Robert’s “Letter to a Christian Friend.” Dear Friend, I thought that you might be surprised, as most of my old friends and my...

A Mother’s Day Poem for My Wife

A few years back our church plant had a special Mother’s day service.   All the older kids stayed in for the worship, sat at the tables, and made cards for their moms during the sermon.  Since I was not preaching that day, I decided to make a card for my wife Suzanne....

Mother Nature Is A Sexist-Racist-Anti-Poor Bigot!

Over the past several years I have been watching the news and noticed a dangerous trend in the weather. The statistical evidence is piling up and the numbers don’t lie; Mother Nature is a Sexist-Racist-anti-poor bigot. Most recently the BBC has reported some...

Culturally Sensitive Christianity

As we live in a blessed age when we are able to place the Scriptures in the hands of more and more people, it is incumbent upon us to also be sure that we handle the Bible with great reverence and respect. The dilemma is this, how do we put the Word of God in the...

Complicated Me

Strings and things, Bits of that and Bits of this, Loved and held by frayed worn edges Dreams with wings, Bottled hopes, a big fat wish Hide in me – an unread message Broken knobs and crooked parts jumbled deep In hidden corners Ancient scabs and wrinkled scars...

The Smile

It isn’t easy, This smile on my face Sometimes it tires Slipping from its usual place And though I strain and pull With all my might, I somehow can never Get it back just right — Dave...

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